Greatest Hits

So originally I was going to make this page the main one, but then realized that when I did that the Home link stopped working for whatever stupid reason and my attempts to fix that succeeded only in making things worse. It’s all back to normal now, but I figured I’d still leave this here for new people to check out and skip to some of the more interesting stuff.

The Party is possibly my favourite story of all of them, others might not share that sentiment but I think it has a few of the best what could be called quotable lines, even if it’s not otherwise the most compelling of storylines.

The Proposal is another good one, though it’s short. I do my best these days to live by the message I put into it.

Red Light in the Middle of Nowhere is one what’s grown on me, it’s pretty okay.

Religion, it’s harsh, and extremely hypocritical, but still funny I think.

Rush Limbaugh (And the Republican Party in General) pretty much sums up my political views, one of the funnier ones I think, and some pretty skillful photoshopping.

A (Somewhat) New Hobby of Mine, this one’s here entirely for the purpose of me showing off, even though there’s not much to show off.

That’s all I can think of for right now, there’s other good stuff in my opinion but that’s some of the best. I’ll probably update as I think of others, or possibly write new ones worthy of the list.