Rush Limbaugh (And the Republican Party in General)

I found someone I hate more than Sarah Palin. This article is also going to be a little bit about CPAC and the Republican party. Now I know it’s not really fair to judge the entirety of the Republican party based on what one loser hiding away in a radio booth spews from his mouth everyday, but you guys make it a bit hard for me when you make him a big speaker at a convention and cheer his every word. I took issue with just about every word that was spoken at CPAC, and not just the ones from Rush either. They had an NRA guy to rile up the shotgun wielding rednecks and homicidal maniacs, and some other losers to pound Obama’s spending bill which only has to exist because of all the stupid things the Republican party did when it was in charge. Let me go back to NRA guy for a minute because that was something I wanted to talk about. I know the Constitution gives us the right to bear arms, but I think that should probably exclude the right to bear multiple high powered rapid firing arms without any background check or waiting period or any training or at all. Also, another part of the Constitution is the part that allows you to change it to fit the times, that’s the only reason it still exists. And if you’re always going to fall back on the Constitution, you should probably know what it is, Rush. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is in the Declaration of Independence, not the preamble to the Constitution you dolt. I think Stephen Colbert said it best, “The vacuum in Republican leadership has allowed a mean spirited lard ass talk radio mind corpse to become de facto leader which is turning an already crippled party into a bickering laughing stock.” You know he once accused Micheal J. Fox of flailing around in his Parkinson’s disease commercials to exaggerate the effects of the disease and gain sympathy? Now I’m not big on celebrities starting foundations for diseases that they already have because it’s not so much charity as self help and you know that they wouldn’t care at all if they didn’t suffer from it but seriously Rush, how much of an asshole do you have to be to say something like that? The answer: one the size of Jupiter. Even the internet hates Rush:

Everyone agrees.

Everyone agrees.

This is a real screenshot taken from the suggested search box that pops up while you’re typing in Google. Try it and see for yourself. They’re all pretty great but my personal favorites are numbers 3 and 8.

The Republican party is just a joke in general now, and I’m going to cash in on that. Anyone hear about Micheal Steele saying they needed to change the party’s image to match urban hip hop settings?

You know you want in.

You know you want in.

These days it seems like Republicans keep trying to mimic the Democrats in order to gain support, talking about change and trying to be cool. There are several major flaws with this, first, if you’re trying to be cool then you’re not, it’s one of those things that you just have to fall into. Second, the Democratic party isn’t just about changing  just anything, it’s about reversing all the policies you put in place and taking this country forward, not backward, and it doesn’t seem like Republicans are ever going to warm up to that. Conservatives will always live up to their name and try to keep things the way they are, completely ignorant of the fact that the way things are right now sucks. Republicans keep going on about this spending stuff and it annoys the hell out of me. When times are tough the government is supposed to spend like crazy and get money flowing in the economy again. The government’s goal is not to save money, then it would be a business. Also all the bills that they always point out are ones on which I think spending money is totally worth it, way more so than this idiotic war we’ve got going in the Middle East.

I get angrier and angrier every time I hear these guys talk, I’m really glad I don’t get cable because FOX News might kill me.

17 Responses to “Rush Limbaugh (And the Republican Party in General)”

  • Sam Says:

    *sigh* You would be so much smarter if you didn’t learn you politics from Comedy Central. It breaks my heart to see a a person that has been force fed so much liberal drivel that they’re bursting at the seams, and can’t help but quote Steven Colbert or insult FOX news every time they open their mouth. First off I do not like Rush Limbaugh. I may agree with his republican views, but he is nothing more than an entertainer, and sometimes a distasteful one. His conservatism may be a little over blown, but can you blame the guy (or FOX news) for trying to tip the scale a little even though he is heavily out weighed by NPR, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, The NY Times, ecetera. And all you have to worry about is FOX. Rush is controversial on his radio show, it gets him viewers, it gets him attention, it gets him money. But at CPAC he was well spoken and made good points. In fact I don’t think you even cited anything from his speech. That’s okay, you can always just watch The Daily Show from a few days ago and steal the two jokes John Stewart made about it. Oh and congratulations on finding a small slip up from Rush. What’s worse, a man who got a job as a radio host understandably mixing up two very similar documents, or a vice president elected by millions of people who presented his running mate as ‘Barack America’, who said that you can only go to Dunkin’ Doughnuts if you have an Indian accent, and who insulted thousands of blacks by calling Obama “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” And while we’re still talking about our VP, have you ever tried typing ‘Joe Biden is’ into Google? How about ‘Barack Obama is’? Well if we measure how much the internet dislikes someone by the Google suggestion bar then the internet hates our current president almost as much as it hates a radio host who enjoys creating controversy. Now on to Micheal Steele. He should not have used the words “urban hip-hop” nor should he ever again, but he’s old, and he’s trying to sound young, lets try not to crucify him. And kudos to you and 80,000 other duchebag democrats who each made it their personal responsibility to take this quote and create crappy photo shop pictures with it (look no farther than a Google images search of ‘Micheal Steele urban hip-hop’). And since when is the republican party trying to mimic democrats. Since you incorrectly interpreted that one quote that one republican party member, Micheal Steele, said? Also, ‘change’ is a pretty common word, that might tend to come up when we’re in a economic crisis. Besides, if we were mimicking the democrats than we would be like Obama, and the only word we would say would be ‘change’, and we would say it in a way that meant nothing but still made thousands of brain dead liberals pee their pants in excitement. Now on to spending. It’s not the spending we’re complaining about, but what it’s being spent on. Just look at what’s in Obama’s Omnibus Bill, which even liberals thought he should veto. And if you didn’t know, Obama plans to keep us in “this idiotic war we’ve got going on in the middle east” (it’s not a war by the way it’s a conflict)for a looong time, and probably even longer than he says. Now I have to go to Tim’s house so bye.

    P.S. I actually thought your photo shop image was really funny.

  • NatetheGreat Says:

    If Rush is nothing more than an entertainer, then why is he being called the leader of the Republican party? Jon Stewart is an entertainer and but no one says he’s leader of the Democratic party, we have one of those, and guess what? He’s president, and for a reason. The only really liberal news network out there is MSNBC, but they don’t have an entire Wikipedia article dedicated to its bias: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fox_News_Channel_controversies. I really couldn’t care less about what Joe Biden has ever said or done, as I said in my election articles he was put there to fill out the old white guy requirement on Obama’s ticket. I tried the Google thing with Obama and the worst one was “Barack Obama is the antichrist” which I believe is only there because The Daily Show did a segment talking to some idiot priest who really thought that. It’s also the second lowest result if you look at the numbers. The other result that you might have construed as bad is “Barack Obama is a muslim”, are you saying that’s a bad thing? The most popular result is simply a statement of the obvious, “Barack Obama is president”, and the third most popular result is “Barack Obama is hot”. I didn’t hear anyone saying that about Rush Limbaugh. And yes, Micheal Steele is old, and that’s partly why I don’t like him and a lot of members of congress on both sides of the aisle. I think that there should be both a minimum age requirement and a forced retirement age. Technology is what I care about and right now the consumer is getting pretty screwed because so much of the government is too old to understand what the issues are and companies are taking advantage of this, don’t you hate having to re-buy the same song or movie for each format you want to use it in? Yeah if you know what you’re doing you can get around that but technically its illegal and it shouldn’t be. Obama wants to change that and I believe he can because he knows what’s going on, unlike so many others. Now change is a word used a lot by liberals because that’s the entire point of the liberal party. What we have isn’t perfect, in fact, looking at our current situation what we have sucks, a lot, so it’s quite obvious that we should change it. It seems that Republicans think they can just say change and people will love them, but no one is that stupid. Actually, I retract that statement, here is a list of people that stupid: Palin, Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Rielly, Coulter, McCain, and Steele, the list goes on. And yes, we probably are going to be stuck in Iraq a while longer, but at least he’s trying and not just ignoring the problem. I noticed you didn’t say anything about my NRA guy comments, I’m guessing you don’t feel so differently about that statement?

  • Sam Says:

    Democrats call Rush Limbaugh the leader of the Republican party, noone else does! 68% of the republican party (including me) say that they have no leader, and only 2% of Republicans aknowlege Rush Limbaugh as such. Democrats are taking a figure unfavored by most Americans and trying as hard as they can to slap his face over the elephant. I direct you to this article: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/03/10/politics/main4857494.shtml

    While it’s true that MSNBC is mind-numbingly liberal it’s ridiculous to say that it’s the only news source that bends far to the left. And even if MSNBC is the only liberal news source wouldn’t you say that it’s just as bias as FOX? Everytime I flip to that channel I either see Kieth Olberman foaming at the mouth and talking about how much he hates republicans instead of actually reporting the news, or whoever else they have on that channel drooling over what Obama’s new dog will be. Yet the only channel that is singled out as being bias is FOX, which is ridiculous because it only has news on for about three hours a day, where MSNBC is all liberal spew all the time. The reason FOX is singled out is because it stands out against all the liberal channels that surround it, and not just MSNBC. And as for the google results that I might have “construed” as bad, I was looking more at “Obama is an Idiot” and “Obama is a terrorist” more than the muslim one. And I geuss you didn’t get my point, because what I was trying to say was that Rush Limbaugh will obviously get results like what you showed because he purposly creates controversy. He purposly says things that people won’t like because it gets him more viewers. As for age, I think experience is perferred over technological savy. And I’m pretty sure that saving teens a few extra bucks from thier parents wallets because of file formats is pretty low on Obama’s to-do list. And I’m pretty sure that most people don’t even have that re-buying problem. Apparently you completly missed my point about “change” because the way you described republicans using it is the way Obama has been using it for two years. And I reiterate that I haven’t seen any evidence of Republicans saying “change” more often than any person would say it. Okay, NRA. No, I don’t think everyone should own a gun, but if they get it by legal means than there is a background check, and even a mental examination.

  • thats what she said Says:

    Hahaha!!! You two!

  • qwerty Says:


  • Shadowsword Says:

    How is it that Rush became such a “popular” figure? As far as I can tell, he’s just another one of these asshole radio ranter guys. There’s literally thousands of people like this, and I don’t see anything to make Rush stand out. I didn’t think anyone took them seriously in the first place, since someone who screams into a mic all day probably shouldn’t be taken seriously. And on top of all this, he’s a druggy? I think the republicans need to pick better people to “run” their party. Or I’m just drinking the kool-aid. Or something.

  • nav1 Says:

    Rush certainly is not popular. In fact, I did not really come in contact with anything related to him (other than that book – thanks Sam). Just because he is conservative and has a radio show does not make him popular or important. And he is certainly not important.

  • Shadowsword Says:

    That may be so, but the fact he is on the front of Newsweek would say otherwise.

  • AZ Says:

    Hahaha!!! You two!

  • 4mar Says:

    I highly doubt that Rush is considered the face of the Republican party. All of these people… Coulter, Savage etc. are used as ways to gain viewers. At the same time, even though these people aren’t meant to be taken seriously, some Republicans actually agree with what they say, no matter how ridiclous. And yes, FOX is definitely not alone. The amount of pro-liberal broadcasting on MSNBC is comparable to that of FOX. However, there is a difference between Obama saying “change” and a Republican using it to try to get a new look. Think about it. Conservative views (ie. less government) allowed for this economic crisis to happen, so Obama has every right to blame the Republican party for the situation he is in right now. And for Republicans, it’s too little, too late. If you stand by an issue for eight years, you can’t suddenly call for “change” (and if you do, it won’t work, hence Obama’s presidential victory). The Republican party is by no means a joke. On most issues in Congress this year, the Republican party has been cohesive, unlike the split Democrats. But for the time being, there’s no reason to want to be a Republican. And I’m not saying this because I fervently support the Democratic Party, but because at this moment in time, we don’t know if Obama’s omnibus bill has succeeded or failed. There are two outcomes. Well, actually three. 1a) Democrats are successful and our nation begins to recover 1b) Democrats fail 2)Republicans continue more of the same, allowing for the economic abuses involved with less government to exacerbate the problem. I know that there are many people who blindly support the Democratic party even though they have no idea what they are talking about. However, the people who do know what they’re talking about make perfect sense to me, and I must say that right now, there aren’t many positive things to say about the Republican party.

  • Sam Says:

    Well it’s good that you agree with me about Rush and FOX vs. MSNBC, Amar, but I still don’t see your and Nat’s point about Republicans using “change” as a way to get a new image. Of course they’re saying that we need change from the decisions Bush made, but saying so doesn’t mean that Republicans are trying to change their look, it means that they realize the mistakes made in the previous administration and want to fix them. And, until the miriad of changes that Obama promised during his campaign become reality, I don’t think there are many positive things to say about the Democratic party either. The only tangible changes that have been made so far are some policy adjustments, and as for the rest they’re either supposedly going to come far in the future, or are likely facing failure.

  • 4mar Says:

    “it means that they realize the mistakes made in the previous administration and want to fix them.”

    I’m not disagreeing with this point. My point was that it’s very hard to “make up” after what the Bush administration did for eight years (which is what allowed Obama to breeze to victory). It’s a blame game, and the Democrats end up winning it. And yes, everything is speculation at this point, but Obama has already frozen many wages of executive personnel at the White House, has addressed overseas assets such as Guantanomo Bay, and has done his best to find a way to bring our troops home. I think these are all positives. If Barack Obama had lost the election and McCain had won, I wouldn’t be upset if he recognized the party’s mistakes and took similar actions. The problem is, as Nat stated, that many popular figures in the party simply refuse to concede shortcomings. And on top of that, some have even gone as to “want Barack Obama to fail”, so that come 2012 the Republicans can throw the blame back on the Democrats. As you stated yourself, Republicans aren’t trying to change their look. Nat’s point was that in order to fix mistakes, the party must change its look (and his post was making fun of a bad attempt to do so).

  • bill Says:

    Here you go again, I’m tired of these blog entries and stories that you keep writing. You would never have the balls to say these things out loud so you have to say it on your website. Your ignorance and conformity is funny, try coming up with something that is original, not something that the liberal media hasn’t already said 50 times. I’m a pretty nice kid to most people, but you are ridicules.

  • NatetheGreat Says:

    If you’re that tired of my stuff, don’t read it. I really don’t get this about people, if something offends you, then walk away from it, don’t sit there and make an ass of yourself over it. I say these things out loud all the time, seriously I do. That attack is used so commonly against people with websites it’s even less original than me happening to take the same stance as the people who have the correct opinion. Also I’m pretty sure the Google search thing and photoshopping Rush’s face onto a rapper were both pretty original. And just so you know, I’m onto you, I know you came here from my Facebook page meaning you go to Newtown High School and quite possibly, in fact quite probably are on my friends list. If you’re someone who knows me I’d like to know who you are. Your comment about me never saying these things out loud will seem quite hypocritical if you do not confess as to who you are, I make no attempt to conceal my identity here.

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