First off, this is NOT a blog. This is an online journal of whatever the hell I feel like writing about. (I’m going to have to keep that in a word doc to copy paste). I don’t really know yet what type of stuff will go in here, or whether I’ll ever use it at all, really it was just fun to set up, but I might as well stick with it now. I’ll probably end up writing mostly about stuff that annoys me, which is a very long list, and maybe sometimes stuff that I like. I will rarely if ever write about what I do everyday, because who the hell wants to read that? Especially when every entry would be “Today I went to school and didn’t learn much, then I came home and sat at my computer for 4 hours not really doing anything, then I watched TV for a while, ate dinner, spent another 3-4 hours on the computer, and fell asleep wishing I were a different person.” Wow, that sounds really depressing. It’s not that bad actually, could be worse… Anyways, I write a LOT of stuff, like short stories and all that, and I’ll probably put that up sometimes. Don’t steal any of it.

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If you want to email me about stuff you can at nat.burns@ttdm.info. I reserve the right to do what I want with your emails, so if you send me something particularly dumb don’t be surprised if it ends up on the main page. Please use good grammar or I just won’t read it.

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