Hallways are the worst. They are just the most awkward place to be ever. I hate when you’re walking down the hall and there’s someone coming the other way who you just sort of know and you’re not sure whether you should say hi or nod or something. I also hate when you’re not paying attention and someone you know says hi and you don’t see them until they’ve gone past in the other direction and you worry that they might think you ignored them or something. That’s just the worst. What’s also the worst is the people who seem to think that the hallway is their own private make out spot. This is the absolute worst if you’re the only other person in the hallway with them. I also hate people who just stand in the middle of the hall and clog it up, or try to walk three abreast and bump into people going the other way. I also hate that you can’t walk three abreast because when you’re walking with three people one person either has to walk out front or behind and gets excluded from the conversation. That’s often me. You know something’s really the worst when it has multiple worst aspects, hallways suck.