So the other day I was thinking (I’m always thinking) and I discovered what I now believe to be just about the awesomest word in the English language, ‘just’. Not when it’s used in the context of fairness, for instance, the Justice System, about as unjust as you can get, but rather when you put it in front of a noun. It’s just a ______. It automatically makes whatever you’re talking about unimportant. It’s just a homework assignment, it’s just your life, it’s just the universe, it’s just ‘just’. Whatever it is it’s no longer of any importance. It’s great! You never have to worry about anything again. Whatever it is that’s bothering you, just put just in front of it and it won’t seem so important anymore. You’re just an alcoholic, you’re just terminally ill, you just don’t care any more. It’s awesome!

Also great: ‘only’. It works just as well in most of those situations, maybe better in some.