The War On Christmas

The War on Christmas is the phrase coined by Christians to make the efforts of those living in the 21st century and trying to make the world a fair and even playing field sound evil and mean spirited. The war on Christmas is not so sinister at all, it is simply trying to tone down the in your face attitude that Christmas takes every year, taking over commercials and pushing its way into supposedly non secular public schools. I do not at all mind a holiday where the point is to buy stuff for people, it’s great economic stimulus, and you get stuff! I’m not one of those people who thinks that we need to change the name, that’s never going to happen, but I like it when commercials refer to it as “the holidays” rather than Christmas, which for some reason has people up in arms. The American Family Association or something sickening like that which is really just a front for white christian supremacy started petitions to get big chain stores like Target and Walmart to call it Christmas in their commercials, which is stupid, stores can call it what they want, and I’m glad that they went with the non secular one. The sad thing is, the stores caved. Maybe I could start my own petition to get it back the way it was… If you want to sign, start your comment with “Petition” and then go back to writing about how awesome I am. Anyways, I don’t think we should stop celebrating Christmas, I love the holiday, but I think it would be great to get rid of some of the icky religious stuff attached to it. It was just recently proved that the birth of the “savior” couldn’t have happened in December because there wouldn’t have been a bright star in the sky at that time, it would have happened in July, so there, Christmas isn’t about the birth of Christ anymore. Face it, you’ve lost control of Christmas, Santa Claus and the free market have taken it away from you and you can’t get it back, it’s ours now. I’m officially declaring that Christmas no longer has any religious associations. You may say, “Hey, you can’t just declare that!” but I say, “Well, you just “declared” that there’s a god.”