I’ve come to the conclusion that post-Christmas winter sucks. In December winter is this magical time with snow and Santa and happiness. Everyone’s looking forward to being able to spend their year’s earnings on generic gifts for their relatives and friends in the hopes that they’ll get stuff back in return (I’m a big believer in that nothing we do is ever totally selfless), but after Christmas it just sucks. It’s cold and gray and wet and depressing and you’ve still got half a school year ahead of you. In December there’s all those songs, people singing “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!” but when you hit late January and I hear anybody say that I say shut the hell up it’s friggin cold and it’ll probably just rain and I have homework and two essays along with a project and it’s been a few days so I need to come up with an update for the site but everything sucks so bad right now I can’t come up with anything past “things suck” and who wants to read that? I miss green. I look at photos from this past summer’s vacation and I get this longing feeling. I want it to be green and warm and sunny again, with school almost over and summer with it’s lack of responsibility. Although this year it’ll probably suck as bad as the rest of the year. My parents want me to get a job, as well as I’ll have to decide on colleges and start putting together applications. This counts as a job right? Takes more effort than bagging groceries, and if I can get more people to visit I might actually make money off of it as well. Anyways, there are three good things about winter, 1. skiing, but I don’t get to do that this year because my dad had knee surgery. 2. snow days, but they get added on to the end of the year which it really stupid, and if we have too many they cut out of April break which is even stupider. Sometimes I just want to go up to whoever’s in charge and deck them. 3. skating. A friend of mine sets up this skating rink in his back yard every year and it’s loads of fun. He has these awesome skating parties which I absolutely love because, well, they’re the only real parties I ever get to go to, and there’s other people from my school there who I don’t always know as well but are nice, and I get to socialize and be a normal person. Also I’m much better at skating than most of them so I get to show off a little, which I rarely get to do with anything non-academic. Still, none of it is enough to make up for the cold wet and miserable part. I miss summer.