Gay Marriage

Yesterday on The Daily Show the guest was well known religious fanatic Mike Huckabee. Now, up until a little while ago I liked Mike Huckebee, he seemed nice, and when he lost the race he went on SNL and made jokes about it. But a few weeks ago I saw him on TV debating religion with Bill Maher (god on earth, as ironic as that may be) and I found Mike to be pretty obnoxious about his beliefs (Baptist). Then yesterday he was on The Daily Show and Jon Stewart cornered him on the issue of gay marriage, which Huckabee is very strongly against. It was quite the slaughtering, I recommend you watch it here. Now, let me clear something up here, whenever someone brings up the issue of gay marriage and there are people who support it, there’s always some idiot who says “Oh, you support gay marriage so you must be gay dur dur dur dur dur”. No, I’m not gay, I just don’t support the pointless oppression of a people by a bunch of single minded idiots. Supporting equality between blacks and whites doesn’t make you black does it? So why on earth would supporting gay marriage make you gay? Anyways, Huckabee proceeds to bring up the tried and failed argument that giving gays the right to marry somehow hurts the sanctity of marriage, which is total bullshit, I’m not even gonna abbreviate that for the sake of tastefulness, it’s bullshit. How does a gay couple getting married affect what you have with your wife? It doesn’t. Not at all. It doesn’t somehow decrease your love for each other, which is what marriage is supposed to be about, love, not legal contracts and definitions. Jon Stewart of course does an excellent job of bringing this up and all Huckabee can do is fumble and blurt out the same stupid arguments again and again. At some point, he loses his resolve and goes to the Bible for help, which if anything hurts his case. Religion has no place any where near this whole mess. What ever happened to separation of church and state? The arguments against gay marriage are almost all religious, so it should automatically be legalized based on constitutional grounds. Near the end of the debate Huckabee says something along the lines of “Well I’m not going to change your mind (because you’re right) and you’re not going to change mine (because I’m stubborn)” which is just about the biggest cop out ever. He’s essentially saying “Ok, I’m losing this, (at this point the audience is applauding Jon Stewart’s every word) so I’m gonna back out before this gets any worse for me. But I’m still right!” Let me clue you in on something Mike, when you can’t come up with a valid argument, and the crowd is on the verge of heaving rocks at you, you’re wrong.

I was very disappointed with California voters back on election day when they banned gay marriage. I was mostly mad at the mormon church, who funded xx millions to the cause. I’ve always had some respect for mormons as being one of the (slightly) less offensive sects of christianity. This totally changed that for me, mormons are now on my list as being just as bad as catholicism, the “holy grail” if you will, of offensive religions. I was, however, proud of my own state (Connecticut) for voting against a constitutional convention that could have led to the overturning of our supreme court’s recent decision to legalize gay marriage. There is hope. I normally like to think that America today is pretty accepting, but it’s issues like this that I think are still holding us back from being the great nation that we have the potential to be.