Here’s a mini article to fill in for the past few days (and probably the next few as well).

Every day when I get home, I turn on my computer. My computer, being awesome, is also quite the noisemaker. If I turn the fan speed all the way up you can hear it throughout the house. Well, maybe not the whole house. But anyways, it’s loud. So for the rest of the afternoon, whatever I’m doing, watching TV, playing videogames, homework, the computer is running, and making noise. I don’t notice it. It’s a constant drone that my ears adjust to and I simply don’t hear it. Then at night, (morning technically) when I decide to go to bed, I turn it off, and the noise stops. It all goes quiet, and I get this feeling like I’ve been leaning on a wall that’s just disappeared, and I’m about to fall flat on my face. I can’t tell whether that’s symbolic of something or not…