So my last post got me thinking, (Death, not the stupid update one), if death isn’t so bad, why do we keep on with life? Life can get pretty bad sometimes, I don’t think anyone will disagree with that statement, so why do we still trudge on? The easiest answer is because it might get better, but that depends heavily on your definition of “better”, and even if your life does get “better” which I take to mean as having more stuff and not having to work very hard, whats the difference? This is the point where someone will invariably bring up god. They’ll say the reason we live is because god wants us to. So why does god want us to? Just because. That’s what religion always comes down to, “just because” which reminds me of being a little kid and getting annoyed at my parents whenever I had to do something I didn’t want to do and they said “just because”. But my rant against religion, (believe me, it’s coming), is not for right now. So that’s religion down, what else could there be? Now someone will say the point of life is love, soppy sap that they are. This I also disagree with. Now, I’m not one of those people who is all out against the concept of love, I believe that there is love, but that really it’s just another human emotion and stems either from a parents protective instincts over their children or one person’s sexual attraction to another, it’s not this all powerful force that’s holding the universe together, it’s just another thing, albeit a nice thing. So now we’ve also eliminated love as the driving force that keeps us going. Next on the list I guess is just plain science, my favorite of the explanations. Science would say that we are here because of all that sciency stuff that’s happened up until now and that we keep living just because it’s a part of our brains. We’re programmed to keep ourselves alive so that we can reproduce, no two ways about it. This is probably the most reasonable of all explanations but it’s still a little unsatisfying. Generally what people are looking for when they ask why we’re alive is some sort of instruction on how to fulfill this great purpose. I guess with science you could say the instruction is to go have a lot of sex, which is a pretty great instruction, but we unfortunately live in a world where you can’t just go around having sex with everyone. So we’re pretty much back to where we started, clueless. I guess the reason we live and keep on living can be different for everyone. Some people live for god, others will say they live for love, and others will say they’re alive because of chance and math. I say we live to do whatever the hell we want. The world is your playground, play in it.

Also, today is the one week anniversary of my blog, so hooray me!

Also also, I realize I have started to call this a blog, but that’s just because writing out online journal of whatever the hell I feel like writing about would get tiring. Whenever I say blog, online journal is what I mean, so every time you see me say blog, think to your self, online journal of whatever the hell I feel like writing about.