If you were given the option to know the exact date of your death, would you? Supposedly most people say no, and I don’t get that. I think that the people who say no are fooling themselves into a false reality in which there is the possibility of living forever, which there is not. You’re going to die someday, so why not know when? People fear death way more than I think it deserves to be feared. I actually find it comforting to know that I’m not going to be around forever, someday I’m gonna be dead and nothing I’ve ever done will matter. It might matter to people who are still alive, but what do I care? I’m dead. I don’t understand this feeling of responsibility people have leading up to their deaths, when you’re dead, you don’t care, it’s someone else’s problem, so why not spend your last moments not worrying about it? A big problem here is all this afterlife B.S., people who feel that if they don’t do well in life up till the last moment they’ll spend eternity feeling guilty about it. Religion is a huge topic I’ll get to some other time, but that is just total nonsense. I don’t want to be around forever, in any form. I want to live it up while I can, and then get the hell out, no heaven, no hell, just nothing. (Unless heaven has video games… and sex, which always seems mysteriously absent from everyone’s beliefs of what heaven is). Whenever I have something that’s weighing on my conscience, I often think to myself, oh well, I’ll be dead some day and this won’t matter at all, (works great with school assignments) I don’t want to be stuck in some afterlife with all those things still weighing on me. Now, don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not suicidal or anything, I’m not looking forward to death, I’m just not fearful to the point of giving up reason in the hopes that some “god” will take mercy on my everlasting “soul” so I may live forever in bliss, if it even would be bliss.

Update: Someone pointed out to me the other day (because this is all my friends and I ever talk about) that I negelected to consider the category of people who don’t fear death, but wouldn’t want to know when they want to die so they could live normally right up to the last minute, which I guess is a valid point. There probably are people who think that, and I can understand why, but it doesn’t change my position. If you know your death is coming, then it might motivate you to get out there and do all the stuff you’ve always wanted to do, where as if not, then you’ll just keep on living your daily life putting those things off right up until you’re dead and it’s too late.